Tock Tick Time

Addicted to Trump

I am addicted to Trump. I can’t get enough of his insanity. No, I am not a Trumper, I am an anti-Trumper! But what is in my psyche that craves this? I know that I can’t do anything about it other than vote against him in this November’s election—which I will. So why do I keep reading about, and watching his complete mental breakdown? Is there something in me that continues to want to confirm that I am right; that my decision about him is right? I watch Morning Joe, and MSNBC in order to continue to get my fixes. Is it because I feel that I am a member of their group? Do I crave this connection?

Is it possible that what I am feeling is exactly what a Trumper is feeling? Are Trumpers addicted to believing in Trump?  Maybe this is the answer the the question, “How can anyone follow this guy?”