Tock Tick Time

Digging Deeper into Reality

April 20, 2020

Ants do what ants do. Birds do what birds do. Nature does what nature does. Do humans do what humans do? We think that we can do what we want; we have control over our nature. We have free will. We need to remember that nature does what nature does, and not by our definition of what nature does.

June 8, 2020

I found the above little snippet that I wrote a couple of months ago.  What was my point, and what did it mean?  Aha!  Now I remember.

The above comments are tied to a theme that I am going to be dusting off many times.  We humans attempt to define everything in our environment.  Why do plants grow the way that they grow?  How does a nuclear reactor work?  What are the chemical reactions that take place to make paint dry?  These are just some examples of the multitude of questions that science attempts to answer.  We really know our world; our reality!  Or, do we?