Tock Tick Time

Morning Bliss

It’s 4:45 AM, June 10, 2020.  I’ve just finished my 20-minute treadmill walk; a daily tradition.  I’m now sitting out on my patio enjoying what in Arizona is a cool morning: 70 degrees.  There is an intermittent breeze.  I sip my dark Starbucks pour-over, starting to feel it’s delivery of that mild euphoria that I look forward to each day.  So what is not to like about this picture?  Nothing…until I make the mistake of hitting the ON button in my frontal cortex thinking brain.  Then I am compelled to mentally take a position on all of the immediate problems that I see.  What about the Covid-19 pandemic?  When will it end? Why isn’t everyone wearing their masks?  What about the economy?  How is it affecting my fellow retirees 401(k) funds?  What about all of the turmoil that has been caused by the senseless killing of George Floyd?  What about the political tribalism that we have sunk to in this country?
Maybe if I fix another cup of coffee I can get back to 4:45.