Tock Tick Time

The Final Straw…and Beware!

As dawn breaks in the U.S. on Wednesday, September 30, 2020, you need to be very vigilant.  If your neighbor still has a VOTE TRUMP 2020 sign in their yard or a VOTE TRUMP 2020 banner hanging from their house, you should steer clear.  If you see someone with a bumper sticker that says VOTE TRUMP 2020, steer clear.  If the guy next to you at checkout at the grocery store is wearing a MAGA cap, steer clear.  Anyone that would still believe in, and support Donald J. Trump after his juvenile display at the Trump-Biden debate should be considered suspect of dangerous tendencies, unpredictable, and possibly deranged.

Am I being fair to those that would vote for, or have us vote for Donald J. Trump?  Yes, I think so because, in order to defend the behavior of this president they would have to agree with statements such as, “This is a guy that can get things done,” or, “This is the way a president should act,” or, “Donald has his act together!”  And, if these supporters continue to display the support of this president in light of his actions then I can only assume that they are also of the same ilk as Trump and, if so, then I don’t want to have any association with them.  I also consider these people to be a danger to me if I interact with them, to our community, and even to themselves because they have lost contact with reality!

Those who believe in, and support Donald J. Trump are a danger to our democracy.  Beware!